Dirrty D


Dirrty D-man started rapping back in the year 2001 at the age of 18! As founding member of multicultural rapgroup RAS (Respectful Alliance of Souldiers) D initially rapped in his native tongue, German. Ras released an album in 2004 called Rap Present Ras, and it was around that time D met Killamatic, who was part of the HZ-family. After a couple of internal beefs in 2005-2006 RAS split up, and D decided to do his own thing by going solo. He released his first bootleg solo album Rap Dealaz in 2009, which he effectively sold on the streets, and got him some local success! It was dope at the time, but knowing he could do better, he locked himself in his home studio for a few years. Later he met up with Killamatic again, who had started a new label (Any Means Necessary). He pulled D out of his home studio and into Headroom Studios to work on his second solo album Het Beest! The video for the first single “7 Zonden” was a big success on Youtube and definitely opened more doors. It was also through this he met Morsdood and the Flemish Kingz, and it didn't take long before they recorded a few tracks together. The beast (Het Beest) was finally unleashed in 2014, and from there on out, the AMN-saga started...




Maarten Claes (born February 2, 1979), better know by his stage name Killamatic, is a Belgian underground rapper from Heusden-Zolder. He's the founder of AMN productions and a member of the hip-hop collective AMN (Any Means Necessary). Inspired by 90's Hip-Hop (Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, N.W.A, Rakim,...) he started rapping by the age of 16. With his use of multiple similes, punchlines and metaphores he has created his own unique style. He has worked with many artists from DMX to Slaughterhouse, Chino XL, Keith Murray, Son Doobie, Brett B, Demigodz, Madchild and many more.



Sem Phi


Sem Phi stands for “Self-Educated Man’s Philosophy”. He is a Hip-Hop recording artist and writer from Antwerp, Belgium, who puts the art of emceeing at the heart of his work. He was part of the Louvain based rap formation Riot Squad, and later on formed Illside Comité with Joe Lazarus. He joined AMN after being invited by its founding members, Dirrty D & Killamatic. Sem Phi has built a solid reputation as a live performer, performing at various festivals & locations such as Dour, Couleur Café, Feest In Het Park, Francopholies de Spa, Marktrock, Ancienne Belgique, Het Depot, Café Café, Vaartkapoen, Trix, Petrol, 013 (NL), etc. He has featured on many national and international projects by artists such as Hitfarmers (DE), Joining Forces (DE), Conz (US), Undefined (BE), AKS (BE), Scarcity (HU), and has done countless preshows for artists including De La Soul (US), Furious Five (US), Slaughterhouse (US), Capone & Noreaga (US), Chino XL (US), Funkdoobiest (US) Keith Murray (US), R.A. The Rugged Man (US), Blaq Poet (US), Roni Size (UK) etc. Sem Phi is currently working on a solo effort entitled "Self Educated Man's Philosophy”, as well as on a number of upcoming releases including a new AMN album.




Madsin, a.k.a. Belgium's Richie Vandamme, is the purest breed of hiphop artist we can think of: raw, genuine, powerful, charismatic and always - always - original. Never before has a moniker been more appropriately chosen, as Madsin's songs sound exactly like his name seems to suggest: thumping beats, interesting arrangements and crazy lyrics, often dealing with madness, violence and the depravity of our own society and global politics. Hearing a Madsin song means getting pummeled by its pure ‘old skool' power, while watching a Madsin video almost guarantees becoming awestruck by its ingenuity. Breaking boundaries lyrically as well as visually, Madsin tries to tell stories in the same way only the great masters of cinematic horror can. Madsin not only writes, but direct most of his video clips himself and is also an accomplished actor. Perhaps even more importantly, Madsin is also known for his powerful live performances, which invariably turn out to be the highlight of the evening. Richie Vandamme claims his Madsin persona is an outlet for the rage he feels in real life - rage he wouldn't know how to channel otherwise. And when we're listening to his music, who are we to disagree?



DJ Sensi


Born in 1982, DJ Sensi started dj-ing mainly hip-hop and later dancehall in 2000. He joined the reggae/dancehall soundsystem Papa Pedro Entertainment in 2003/2004 and played in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Suisse. In 2004 they won the international soundclash 'Who A Di Best' vs Kill Dem Sound in Lille, France. In 2011 they became 2nd in the Beljam Cup Clash vs Mystic Breeze Collective, Beatstreet Sound and Daktari Sound in Ghent, Belgium. DJ Sensi took a break in 2012/2013. The focus shifted to keep the real underground hip-hopculture alive. In 2014 DJ Sensi was given the opportunity to play for Dirrty D & Killamatic at various 'Het Beest'-shows. Together with Dirrty D, Killamatic, Sem Phi & Madsin he forms the rap group AMN (Any Means Necessary). DJ Sensi's playlist is full of hip-hop/dancehall/reggae classics alongside the nowadays underground hits. DJ Sensi played for artists like Jeru The Damaja (USA), The Beatnuts (USA), R.A. The Rugged Man (USA), Madchild (CAN), Shabazz The Disciple (USA), Echo Minott (JAM), Bescenta (JAM) and many more